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About Us

Art Plumstead is a community group that has been putting on events in Plumstead, south east London, since 2012. At a meeting of the group in the autumn of 2015 a casual mention of the Dragon Trail held in Norwich that summer led on to the idea that Plumstead could do something similar and call it the Plum Trail and with it the idea of Plumstravaganza 2016 was born, because many good things are on offer in Plumstead that many people don’t know about.

Plumstravaganza continued during late August/early September until the end of the decade but then 2020 came along and everything changed for us, as it did for everyone else.

Therefore going forward we have decided to continue to organise the annual competition to find the Plumstead Poet Laureate in late August and to hold Plumstead Open Studios in early September but to stage other events dispersed throughout the year, while the future remains uncertain.