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Improvisation Workshop

Improv or improvisation is the art of creating scenes and stories. You do not need any previous experience to participate and there is no pressure to be funny. However, sometimes scenes take a hilarious turn!!!

They should have warmed up by then

Our aim is to give participants in our workshops a safe space to improvise and unleash their creative side.

We usually begin with exercises to fire up our imaginations and warm up our voices. We then play games designed to build scenes and flex our story-telling muscles.

Sessions focus on applying the principles of improvisation, which are to:
- listen
- embrace the idea
​- give ideas a chance

Find out more about what to expect from the workshop here:
You could come along for the transferable skills mentioned in the article, but most of us are just in it for a damn good giggle!

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"Get together with your brilliant friends and make stuff up. Even if it doesn't go anywhere, the very act of creativity is the point," says Jonathan Cake, and the Improshrews wholeheartedly agree! Broadway World

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Please feel free to just turn up on the night but, if you wish to be added to the email invitation list then contact us at: