26th August to 8th September

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Plants Produce & Herbs

Bring & Buy event at the Spiral Garden


Saturday 1st September 11am until 12.30 pm


Everyone is welcome to come along with their excess garden and/or allotment produce and offer it for sale to other members of the public or even give it away, if they wish.
Kevin of Art Plumstead will be there to explain a little about the Spiral Garden and talk about herbs and their uses.

The entrance to the garden is at the corner of Vicarage Park SE18 7SU, next to Azile Everitt House. It is directly to the west of the Nature Reserve at the edge of Plumstead Common.

NOTE: A completely free event for everyone taking part whether you are a buyer, a seller or just curious.

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Plumstead’s Evening of CONceptual Art 2018

At The Volunteer, 130 Plumstead High Street, SE18 1JQ


Monday 3rd September from 7pm

Participants in last year's Conceptual Art event considering Lee's Helmet.
Participants in last year's Conceptual Art event considering Lee's Helmet.

Plumstead Needs You – Don’t let her down!!!!!!

The American artist Sol LeWitt is quoted as saying that “All of the significant art of today stems from Conceptual art.”
Whether you think this is true or just consider it banal rubbish we believe that after the successful evening last year, Plumstead needs to explore the idea once again.

When looking at Art we have all said on occasions, “I could do better than that” and now is the time for YOU to prove it.

We are asking any Plumstead resident to bring along their Conceptual artwork(s) to The Volunteer on 3rd September. Then from 7pm you will be asked to explain your work to the gathered throng. All you need is an idea, concept or cause that you feel strongly about and objects to arrange or assemble to get your idea over to the public on the night.

There will be no prizes on offer but, of course, it will give you the opportunity of selling your creation to the serious art collectors, who could well be in the pub that evening.

It would be helpful if anyone wishing to take part could email us at to book their spot in the pop up exhibition space.