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Plumstead Open Studios 2022


Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September


Details of the 47 artists who took part in the 2022 Open Studios are listed below in alphabetical order.

Kirsty Bennett w


I have lived in Plumstead for 22 years and began pottery classes just after I moved here. It was a hobby that fitted in with the rest of my busy life as Theatre Director, Singer, Actress, Teacher, Mother of three boys and Keeper of Chickens for many years.

More recently my obsession has grown I now have my own kiln in a garden shed and sell at local markets. I am attempting to improve my skills and concentrate on different projects for a few months at a time. In the past miniature pots and bottles prevailed, but I have attempted to go larger recently, and have worked on a series of carved vases. However, I never stray far from tableware, especially my beloved mugs, as there is an infinite variety of shapes and glazes to try in these most basic forms. I believe firmly that everyday useful objects should be precious, and each cup of tea should produce two smiles, one for the tea, one for the mug!

Angie Cousins w


One of the beauties of living in Plumstead is its proximity to the Kent countryside. My work is chiefly in linocuts related to the places I visit, from Dungeness, scenes of Rome, the Malvern Hills and back to Greenwich and Plumstead. I have shown my work in Dungeness, Malvern, Deptford and at home where I work. Recently I have produced images relating to dance together with Greenwich Dance Agency.

Tim Cousins w



When not in my studio at APT, Deptford, I work on paper at home. My work on show encompasses some of this work. I have not been well enough to go into my studio recently, as I was shielding, so this work is now becoming an important part of my output. I founded the Sharing a View group and have exhibited across the country in over 200 exhibitions including the Royal Academy, the London Group Open, and the Pulchri Gallery, The Hague. My work is in various collections in Europe and the US.

Mobile: 07812094126

Jin Farrall w


I am a printmaker and graduated in Fine Art at the University of East London, and then MA printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts.
A member of the printmakers Council in London and have exhibited in the UK and abroad.
My love of nature, and in particular mushrooms, has been used as a symbolic tool for expressing evocative past memories, hopes and dreams of my childhood, as well as past and present life experiences.
I use traditional and contemporary printmaking methods.  Have an abstract style and strive to share and communicate my deep thoughts and feelings through my printmaking.

Mick Forster w


Artist and musician. I have done many different types of artwork over the years, including illustration, graphic design and sign writing. More recently I have been doing  portraits, seascapes and abstract pattern based paintings mainly using emulsion, watercolour and enamel paints.


Carol Fowler w


I enjoy the process of putting paint onto paper, taking up space, filling it with decisions and toying with colour and pattern. As I am retired, I aim to spend my time finishing old projects, exploring new ideas and travelling to paint.

I will also be showing ceramics too.

James Gardner w


The reason I've got back into art/ doodling is I find it helps with expressing my energy managing my hyperactivity and anxiety.

I find It can be a release and I enjoy not knowing what I am going to do just allowing it to develop on the page. I don't take it too seriously but is something I enjoy and want to do more of.


Margaret Gardiner w


Margaret creates stylish contemporary handcrafted silver jewellery with a modern twist. Using traditional silversmithing techniques, sewing, hammering, soldering, and stone setting to create unique and individualised, customised jewellery.

Liz Griffiths w


Liz makes mixed media work, multi-layered and finely detailed, encompassing painting, drawing and photography.
She finds inspiration while out walking, and explores ideas around place, site, nature and identity.
Contrasting delicacy and fragility with bolder and cruder forms of mark making, she uses glowing saturated colour to depict dreamlike and mysterious scenarios.
Rebecca Handley w





I'm a writer and screenwriter who returned to painting during lockdown. The resulting acrylic paintings reflect my desire to explore and escape!



Opened in 1990 in Greenwich, the Harlequin Gallery is one of the longest established galleries in the UK specialising in exhibiting and selling both British and Japanese studio ceramics. With an international reputation, the Gallery has been based in Plumstead since 2009. Over the Open Studios weekend, John Rastall will be exhibiting a mixture of work both old and new by various makers.



Sarah Harper w


Sarah J Harper works under the name Harper Bizarre Art as a multi-disciplinary artist.  Her work has been exhibited internationally, and has featured in a variety of publications. She produces unique artwork, sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, sometimes both,  and often thought-provoking.  Her work can be an expression of everyday life with a witty and quirky edge, and a hope for justice and equality.

The primary mediums used include ceramics, paintings and money art, a backdrop that often utilises the possibility of international messages of concern for political and human rights. Sarah is an advocate for the positivity of Plumstead, and local venues and themes resonate across her work.




Gary Heiss w


I have always loved to draw and paint ever since I was a child. In my early 20's I became a photographer and that's been my career in one form or another since. I recently began to explore fine art again with a renewed passion. Pastels, oils and acrylics.

The work I plan to exhibit is based on landscape photography I made recently in Scotland. Such a stunning country!




I have now abandoned my career as a theatre designer and scenic artist to concentrate on my ceramics and joined a shared ceramics studio in Woolwich Dockyard where freed from the dictates of directors I flounder around freely in clay stimulated by the company of other ceramic artists.

I will be showing a mix of my colourful mid-century inspired decorative plates, my dark hand-built candlabra, my wall planter heads and my latest wild garden wall pieces in my YELLOW space.


Jill Hurley w


I studied sculpture and have painted portraits in oil painting ever since whilst pursuing a career in education. Now that I am semi-retired, I am focusing on oil painting, specifically portraits and still life.
I value process over product so this event is a paradigm shift for me!

The works I plan to exhibit are a collection of still life paintings containing 'shiny things' and portraits.




Hannah James w


I am a 37 year old local artist with cerebral palsy. Art and craft runs in my veins as I have aunts on both side of the family who are very creative themselves. When I create, I express my emotions, my joy, my frustrations and it makes me feel free. The process also lifts me up and I put all my energy in it. I simply adore painting. I live independently in Blackheath.


Sian Jones w


Decorative and functional ceramics using traditional slipware techniques on terracotta clay. Quirky candlesticks and urban creatures.

Instagram: sianjceramics


Eric is an actor & socially engaged artist. A Plumstead resident for sixteen years. Maker of avant-garde performance crossing boundaries between Theatre, Movement & Art. Inspired by philosophy and comedy. Exhibitions at Turner Contemporary, Margate and Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich. Paintings in oil and watercolours. Photographs. Collections of stones.

Linda Mahoney w


The main areas of interest which run through my work are colour, geometry and patterning and ancient artefacts. I like to pair, bright, vibrating and complementary colours in combination with the geometric forms which underpin everything in the Universe. Many years ago, as a student in Southampton, I worked on an archaeological dig and some of my work reflects this, appearing as if an artefact has been discovered buried in the earth.
I feel that variations on these themes give an overall structure and cohesiveness to my work.


Michelle Maloney w


Potter, illustrator & designer

Instagram: titterpotdesign

Sonia Maloney w





Wonders on Wanders, Woods and Woolwich


Rob Marchant w


I’m a representational artist working at Thames-Side Studios in Charlton. My work encompasses a variety of media- mainly oils, acrylics and inks- and my subject-matter includes local subjects, landscapes and still-life.
I also have professionally made prints of many of my pictures which will also be on sale. One of these- the Royal Naval College, Greenwich- is shown here.

Instagram: robmarchant7

Ray Marshall w

(1947 - 2018)

Ray Marshall was born in Lambeth and moved to Plumstead, South East
London, in 1975, where he remained a local resident till his death in
November 2018. Having undertaken some formal study at Morley College,
tutored by Lawrence Toynbee among others, Ray was mostly self-taught. His
work covered an eclectic mix of subjects, taking inspiration from nature,
architecture, historical references, dance and music and the general
observation of the world around us.


Sarah Myers w




This is Sarah’s first time exhibiting at the open studios. She’ll be showing a range of vibrant images of flora and fauna.



Bukky Owoseni w


I moved to Plumstead a few months ago and love it here; this is my
19th house move. I have moved careers as well, first working in
clinical health, before switching to analytics. Now, I am a historian
and writer. In the midst of all these changes, it has been important
to me to always look for common threads that hold all this flux
My work plays with things that seem not to belong together. By pairing
poetry with objects that seem geographically and chronologically
unrelated, I explore whether their fusion can spark a new idea. There
is always new knowledge to be found at the juncture where your
contradictions meet.

Talk to me on:

Esther Pilcher w


I am a jewellery designer based in Plumstead, but I am originally from Newlyn in Cornwall where I grew up and lived for many years. My designs tend to take inspiration from nature, the sea and the colours associated with these things. I work mainly in copper and enamel, both of which have artistic links to Newlyn from the early 20th century. My work has an organic feel which echoes my interest in the natural world.


Adrian Pitt w


Adrian Pitt aka Apey is a portrait painter of all things canine... though he doesn't really know how. From the humble beginnings of making some small scale daubings of his wife's favourite pooches, he now takes commissions of varying sizes of your pedigree chums.


Angie Pledge w


I currently like to work on a relatively small scale. I like the idea that you have to get fairly close to see the detail as well as the fact that I dont have as much free time as I would like to be creative!
I work in costume for film and TV which has a direct link to some of my pictures which are collages made from sticky lint roll papers that I've collected from my job.

I tend to focus on people and portraits.



Maggie Rastall w



Maggie enjoys all things related to textile and has spent the last 15 years learning and exploring different techniques from making felt to dyeing and printing on fabric. During lockdown she joined the online Textile Artist.Org Stitch Club with over 3,000 people worldwide. Many of the techniques learnt during this time will be evident in the pieces available.


Beau Roberts w


I am a young queer artist, I pull inspiration from the current social climate, gender and sexuality.
As a transgender man, my artist perspective differs from many other as I have lived in our world as 'female' and 'male'. It's interesting how differently I am treated now , this is something I like to discuss in my work. I'm off to central saint martins in September to study fine art and discover more about myself as an artist.


Nicola Roberts w


Artist, Ceramicist, Art Therapist.

I am fascinated by the sheer joy of making and creating...
and the language and communication that is spoken through the act of making...
without a single word being uttered...


Sarah Schmidt w


A citizen of the world established in SE London for 27 years, my roots and childhood in Africa strongly impact my work.

I alternate between study, sketch practice , research and socio-political commenting, and creating intuitive pieces dictated by emotions and my love of  the natural world. I am also a keen ceramicist and recently joined Thames-Side studios.


Dora Schweitzer w


I am a freelance theatre designer.  During 2020, as the theatres closed, I started painting, and created a series of urban landscapes, like empty sets, depicting the streets of locked down London.  These paintings celebrate the ordinary aspects of the shopping streets and tower blocks of our city.  The theatre work is back, but I am continuing to paint.  Steve Wilson and I jointly held the inaugural exhibition last year in the nearby Lord Herbert pub.

Instagram: doraschweitzerdesigner


Linda Sharples w


I have lived in Plumstead for over 20 years and enjoy going for a daily coffee and walks around the local area. On my walks I often capture random scenes with photography. These photographs are often of unusual things, reflections and nature captured in a moment of observation.



Rebecca Sharples w


Mixed media artist
Rebecca has a background in Fine Art and illustration. Over the years she has worked in a variety of medias including painting, Mixed media, paper cut out, illustrations and textiles. Currently Rebecca’s art work is based around the theme of Colour and culture. Rebecca's colourful work celebrates the multicultural life in London through colour and patterns in a variety of mediums and crafts.


Yaz Sharples w


Growing up without a TV and instead being surrounded by lots of paper gave me a passion for art from a very young age! Inspired by a trip to Mexico and a visit to a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition many years ago my acrylic paintings of flowers are large in scale and painted in bright vivid colours. Painting and creating images of natural beauty has helped me get through difficult times in the past and my flowers are symbolic of hope, beauty and strength. 
As well as original paintings, prints and greeting cards will also be available and I will be donating 10% of all sales to Rights of Women an amazing organisation.
Yum Yum Murder Mystery
Yum Yum Murder Mystery



I’m a digital artist and work using a combination of the iPad and desktop painting software. I like to make art with a sense of fun and wonder. There's always a story there, but that story is open to interpretation. I'm inspired by memories of my own childhood and the nameless fears I think we all have when we are young. The combination of cute innocence and lurking darkness is one I have always found interesting creatively. All works are limited edition signed and numbered giclée prints on Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

Barry Small w


Widely experienced artist and designer in the museum, educational and commercial sectors. Originally graduated as a three dimensional product designer and then qualified as a secondary school teacher in art and design. Now a illustrator with a great love and interest in the natural world.


David Smith w


After training as a painter and print maker at the Central School of Art in 1968, I went on to teach art for a few years in Peckham. Life’s pressures led me away from my painting, until recent events prompted me to start again. My wife contracted a brain tumour in the 1980’s and until her death last year I had become her carer which over the years became more difficult as her condition deteriorated. It has been through these final few years that I produced the paintings, collages, lino prints, and modelling clay tiles that will be on display.




Sophie Steel is an actor and artist based in Plumstead. When the pandemic struck, all of her work as an actor and chocolatier (yes, really!) disappeared overnight and needing an alternative creative outlet, she took up lino printing. It quickly became her new obsession and in August 2020 she officially launched @linoprintmygram. Since then she has been hard at work in her garden shed, transforming people's favourite Instagram photos into handmade lino prints as well as creating a range of her own unique designs.
For this year's Open Studios, Sophie is thrilled to be showing her work at the Lord Herbert. Her exhibition 'Is it safe to come out yet?' will run 26th July - 5th September. You will be able to see a selection of prints created during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 as well as a new series of large scale tree prints. Over the weekend Sophie will be "in residence" with some new work.

Instagram: @linoprintmygram


RobThom w


Rob’s landscape paintings are inspired by the local SE18 landscape and beyond, and he prefers the energy of working on location rather than being in a studio.


"When painting en plein air, in addition to being outside with inspiring views, I always end up having nice chats with inquisitive passers-by. I’m currently completing a sketch diary of 2022 – every day I paint something I’ve seen or somewhere I’ve been. You can see some of my diary entries at:

Instagram: @robgthom"

गुप्त चंद्रमा (Secret Moon)
गुप्त चंद्रमा (Secret Moon)


Born in 1997, Harpreet studied for her BA at the Slade School of Fine Art. She is British Indian; born and based in Plumstead. At its core, her practice is about engaging with aspects of spirituality. She is particularly focused on the interpretation of Divine feminine energy and how it exists in a modern society. Her work often explores escapism through alternate dimensions and realms.

Instagram: Harps11

Warwick w



Warwick creates flat monoliths which allows the viewer into alternative worlds. Through these portals, the viewer is exposed to colours and marks designed to stimulate experiences, memories, or meditation.

The wood blocks that Warwick uses for the relief print process are randomly selected from a wide variety of rough sawn timber wood blocks. Warwick is interested in the patterns and shapes created from the grain of the blocks that evolve through the print process into form, shape, meaning, or echoes of an intimate encounter for the viewer.

Warwick pushes the boundaries of the wood block relief print process by using thick layers of ink. These layers of ink create a textured, painterly effect which creates depth and leads the viewer into a different space where they can get lost in contemplation. Printed instinctively within a predetermined framework, the prints are physical, both in technique and presence, yet attempt ultimately to communicate on an emotional level.

Warwick graduated with a BA Honours in Printmaking from the University of Wolverhampton.


Carole Widdrington w


I was born in France and studied stone masonry and sign writing from an early age. Since living in the UK I have studied art and design.
I have always created, working with furniture, papier mâché, sculpture using varied media.
I recently started to paint again, and my dominant style is abstract.


Rhoda-Wilson-Replacement w


I have just finished my Art Foundation at the Royal Drawing School.  Much of my work explores imaginary worlds and fantastical creatures. Recently I have begun to focus on the post-apocalyptic landscape.  I am looking at the symbolism around thresholds and doorways, with all their connotations of crossing boundaries, the subconscious, transgression and death.

Instagram: roadstermay

Steve Wilson w


My ideas are eclectic and quirky, I’ve been told! I use vintage wallpapers, linoleum and original magazine print reference, to create both 2D and 3D work. The end results are surreal but relatable scenarios.
I studied Art at Brighton, but was drawn back to my native south-east London. I also work as a freelance scenic artist for film and theatre.

Instagram: Stev0wilson



Wedding in the Parish of Poplar
Wedding in the Parish of Poplar


Freelance Artist working in Illustration, Fine Art and Textiles

Instagram: janeyoungillustration



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