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Plumstead Open Studios 2023

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September

11am - 6pm both days

Details of the 47 artists that took part this year are as follows:

Venue: U - 16 Tuam Road SE18 2QU


Amabel Barlow is an artist and author who has always enjoyed nature and the environment which inspires her creativity, influencing her love of writing illustrated children’s books, and painting her vibrant botanical landscapes. She works in oils and watercolour to create her paintings.

Venue: M - 80 Sladedale Road SE18 1PX


Some years after retiring from teaching, I joined a class at Blackheath Conservatoire entitled “Painting for the Petrified”. Since then, I have met and joined other like-minded painters in drawing, pastel work, watercolours, acrylics, collage. My style is essentially ‘drawing and colouring-in’ and is unashamedly derivative. I enjoy attempting pastiches of artists I like and am only occasionally satisfied with the results.

Venue: O - 25 The Slade SE18 2NB


I have lived in Plumstead for 23 years and began pottery classes just after I moved here. It was a hobby that fitted in with the rest of my busy life for a long time. as I juggled commitments as a Theatre Director, Singer, Actress, Teacher, Mother of three boys and Keeper of Chickens.

More recently my obsession has grown - I now have my own kiln in a garden shed and sell at local markets. I concentrate on different projects for a few months at a time: in the past miniature pots and bottles prevailed, then I worked on a series of carved vases, and I never stray far from tableware, especially my beloved mugs.  I am currently attempting to improve my glazing, as the mysterious alchemy can result in some disappointments as well as delights, and my partner is helping by creating some glazes for me – each kiln opening is daunting, but exciting, as we never know what we will find.

Instagram: kirstyb.littlewheelceramics

Venue: M - 80 Sladedale road SE18 1PX


My friend Lizzie & I met at a class called "Drawing for the Terrified" - though she might remember it as something different. I like to work in many mediums - acrylics, pastel and linocut. The image shown is a first foray into IPad painting. I’m still trying to find ‘my style’ but I love colour with my favourite artists being Van Gogh and David Hockney.

Venue: J - 1 Chestnut Rise SE18 1RJ


One of the beauties of living in Plumstead is its proximity to the Kent countryside. My work is chiefly in linocuts often related to the places I visit, from Dungeness, scenes of Rome, the Malvern Hills, the Salisbury Plain and back to Greenwich and Plumstead. I have shown my work in Dungeness, Malvern, Deptford (at APT and at the Art Hub) and Linden Hall Studio Gallery, as well as at home where I have a studio. Over the past two years I have produced images related to dance together with Maria Ghoumrassi of Greenwich Dance.

Venue: J - 1 Chestnut Rise SE18 1RJ


When not in my studio at APT, Deptford, I work on paper at home. My work on show encompasses some of this work. I have not been well enough to go into my studio recently, as I was shielding, so this work is now becoming an important part of my output. I founded the Sharing a View group and have exhibited across the country in over 200 exhibitions including the Royal Academy, the London Group Open, and the Pulchri Gallery, The Hague. My work is in various collections in Europe and the US.

Mobile: 07812094126

Venue: P - 94 Kirkham Street SE18 2JX


I am a printmaker and graduated in Fine Art at the University of East London, and then MA printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts.

A member of the printmakers Council in London and have exhibited in the UK and abroad.

My love of nature, and in particular mushrooms, has been used as a symbolic tool for expressing evocative past memories, hopes and dreams of my childhood, as well as past and present life experiences.

I use traditional and contemporary printmaking methods.  Have an abstract style and strive to share and communicate my deep thoughts and feelings through my printmaking.

Mobile: 07772 006817

Venue: N - 224a Lakedale Road SE18 1PU


I have lived in Plumstead for five years and in the past have exhibited abstract paintings in several galleries. I have been making wall sculpture for a while mostly to calm my autistic brain. I do not think about what I am doing, I just fiddle with shapes and see what happens. I will be showing my paintings and sculpture over Open Studio weekend.

Venue: W - 12 Plum Lane SE18 3AE



Kevin started painting watercolours in Andrew's workshops for Art Plumstead.

He mainly paints landscapes and local scenes in a bold, distinctive style.

Venue F - Ground Floor Flat, 46 Eglington Hill SE18 3NR


'Moroccan days' is a personal travelogue in pictures - hand-sized fleeting impressions of landscapes, atmospheres and people in paint.

Venue F - Ground Floor Flat, 46 Eglington Hill SE18 3NR


Liz makes mixed media work, multi-layered and finely detailed, encompassing painting, drawing and photography.
She finds inspiration while out walking, and explores ideas around place, site, nature and identity.
Contrasting delicacy and fragility with bolder and cruder forms of mark making, she uses glowing saturated colour to depict dreamlike and mysterious scenarios.
Venue E - 44d Eglington Hill SE18 3NR


Enver Gürsev's artwork is multi-faceted as is the media he chooses to work with.  The strongest theme in his work is half remembered and assumed memory where sentimentality is greatly exaggerated causing a gentle smoldering melancholy to enthuse the work.  There is also a great deal of play on things not appearing to be what they initially appear to be.  The closer one scrutinizes the work, the more the certainty appears to dissolve and fall away.

Venue: G - 16 Red Lion Lane SE18 4LE


I'm a writer and screenwriter who returned to painting during lockdown. I paint in bold, blocks of colour with acrylic on canvas.

Venue: T - 2 St. Merryn Close SE18 2RF


Opened in 1990 in Greenwich, the Harlequin Gallery is one of the longest established galleries in the UK specialising in exhibiting and selling both British and Japanese studio ceramics. With an international reputation, the Gallery has been based in Plumstead since 2009. Over the Open Studios weekend, John Rastall will be exhibiting a selection of ceramics + mid 20th century paintings & sculpture.

Instagram: plumsteadjohn

Venue: S - 280 Plumstead Common Road SE18 2RT


I studied Interior Architecture at Ravensbourne University and worked primarily with modern furniture design. I'm a keen painter, my favourite medium being acrylics. Influenced by Realism and Cubism artists. My more recent art to a great expression of animals through the use of geometric design.
Venue: Q - 11 Welton Road SE18 2JE


Sarah J Harper works under the name Harper Bizarre Art as a multi-disciplinary artist.  Her work has been exhibited internationally, and has featured in a variety of publications. She produces unique artwork, sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, sometimes both,  and often thought-provoking.  Her work can be an expression of everyday life with a witty and quirky edge, and a hope for justice and equality.

The primary mediums used include ceramics, paintings and money art, a backdrop that often utilises the possibility of international messages of concern for political and human rights. Sarah is an advocate for the positivity of Plumstead, and local venues and themes resonate across her work.

Venue: G - 16 Red Lion Lane SE18 4LE

The works I am exhibiting are pastels, a medium I love and am exploring creatively. Based on my travels in Cornwall and Scotland, they are works exploring light and colour within the boundaries of the island we call home.

Venue: B - 39 Dallin Road SE18 3NY


I work from a shared ceramic studio in Woolwich Dockyard called Thick as Milk but will be displaying my latest hand-built and painted ceramics amongst the plants and vegetables that inspire their firms and designs.

There will be some wall pieces and plates, bowls and various candle holders in a range of sizes and hopefully some tasty tomatoes and cucumbers.

Venue: H - 22 Constitution Rise SE18 3RW


Hannah is an abstract painter who lives in Greenwich. She comes from a family with strong work ethos and many creatives. She therefore never let her cerebral palsy define her and identifies as an artist. She often takes part in group exhibitions and re-invests proceeds from selling her work into her art practice. Art, she says, makes me feel free. I've been doing it for years and will never stops. Hannah James lives independently supported by her PAs and family. She is also a dancer and works for Entelechy.

Venue: G - 16 Red Lion Lane SE18 4LE



I studied sculpture and have painted portraits in oil painting ever since whilst pursuing a career in education. Now that I am semi-retired, I am focusing on oil painting and pastels.
I value process over product so this event is a paradigm shift for me!

The works I plan to exhibit are a collection of portraits and still life paintings containing 'shiny things'.

Venue F - Ground Floor Flat, 46 Eglington Hill SE18 3NR


Decorative and functional earthenware ceramics using traditional slipware techniques. Quirky candlesticks and urban creatures.

Venue: H - 22 Constitution Rise SE18 3RW
Karta is an experienced ceramicist artist who, after years of practice recently graduated from Central Saint Martin - BA Ceramic Design. She has lived in SE London for over 20 years.
She uses clay as an expressive material that has intrinsically therapeutic and life enhancing qualities. She situates her practice in the field of Arts in Health, where the maker-artist inhabits a self-directed non clinical space, and labels of illness, disability or proficiency are disregarded in favour of creative agency and choice. She explains that when we approach clay as an experiential material, we are free to define and conceptualize (or not at all) what we make. She also draws and paints.
Venue: C - 106 Nithdale Road SE18 3PD


I am a freelance quilt maker and patchwork tutor  at present teaching by zoom on the WI’s Denman at Home portal and demonstrating at craft shows around the country.   Looking  to set up a local beginners patchwork class soon


Venue E - 44d Eglington Hill SE18 3NR


Creating art, experimenting and working creatively in film, photography and painting at various stages throughout my life, I currently concentrate on drawing. I am especially interested in the human form. I am captivated with drawing during performances, such as the Japanese dance theatre, Butoh. I find the process of drawing becomes a sub-conscious process, that loosens with the immediacy of the interpretation. Throughout my drawings the line is prominent, dynamic to movement, expansion, contraction and perception. My work often portrays a fragmented and meditative, often melancholic atmosphere.

Instagram: mcgilbenlisa

Venue: I - 72 Shrewsbury Lane SE18 3JL


I am a potter and illustrator producing hand decorated earthenware. My work is inspired by delicious 70s cartoons and illustrations. I am currently based in Lincolnshire and am becoming a regular exhibitor at ceramic festivals across the country. Plumstravaganza is always a highlight for me and this will be my third year showing chez Shooters Hill. See you there!

Instagram: titterpotdesign

Venue: I - 72 Shrewsbury Lane SE18 3JL


The Ways of Woolwich and beyond

I have been taking pictures in and around our borough, and beyond, for some time and delight in capturing the nooks and crannies, people and places, nature and textures in our local spaces.
Pictures for - prints - frames - cards - papers - fabric

Venue: R - 46 Timbercroft Lane SE18 2SE

(1947 - 2018)

Ray Marshall was born in Lambeth and moved to Plumstead, South East
London, in 1975, where he remained a local resident till his death in
November 2018. Having undertaken some formal study at Morley College,
tutored by Lawrence Toynbee among others, Ray was mostly self-taught. His
work covered an eclectic mix of subjects, taking inspiration from nature,
architecture, historical references, dance and music and the general
observation of the world around us.
Venue: I - 72 Shrewsbury Lane SE18 3JL


I am a jewellery designer based in Plumstead, but I am originally from Newlyn in Cornwall where I grew up and lived for many years. My designs tend to take inspiration from nature, the sea and the colours associated with these things. I work mainly in copper and enamel, both of which have artistic links to Newlyn from the early 20th century. My work has an organic feel which echoes my interest in the natural world.

Venue: A - 33 Ripon Road SE18 3QJ





I just like to mess about with things.
Sometimes it comes out OK, sometimes not!
Venue: T - 2 St. Merryn Close SE18 2RF


Maggie enjoys experimenting with textiles, constantly exploring the huge variety of ways they can be used. She is drawn to the richness of colours and texture that can be achieved with them and these are evident in her work. Her preferred methods include printmaking with stitch, portraits with applique, use of an embellishing machine and embroidery, as well as occasional felt making.

Venue: W - 12 Plum Lane SE18 3AE




Andrew uses various media to create rich, atmospheric landscapes.

He runs regular watercolour workshops for Art Plumstead.


Venue: J - 1 Chestnut Rise SE18 1RJ


Studied at Winchester School of Art, followed by Goldsmith's College where I graduated with a MA in Fine Art.
My work sits on a pivotal edge between abstraction and figuration with a hint of surrealism. Some of my favourite artists include Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Mark Rothko and R B Kitaj.

Mobile: 07505607307

Venue: H - 22 Constitution Rise SE18 3RW


Sarah is an exuberant creative who uses art as a language. Her sketches are a visual diary, her paintings an emotional journey, her clay work a dynamic experiment. She refuses to be boxed and insists on retaining freedom of choice in her practice. Her art is a response to the stresses and joys of life. She approaches it with an endlessly renewed curiosity, her artistic experiments are a necessary antidote for anxiety and an important part of her identity. She says : "In art, we touch the subconscious, and art is indeed the shortest route from person to person. It has a universal quality that allows us to hope that our  intangible feelings, childish calls for attention, political leanings may be shared with others. Sarah grew up in the RDC and is of Belgo-French heritage. She has lived in SE London for over 30 years. Studio Unit 2-115 at Thames Side Studios, SE185NR.

Instagram: sarahmicsuk

Venue: D - 7 Cantwell Road SE18 3LN
I have lived in Woolwich and Plumstead for 25 years.  I work all over London and regionally as a freelance theatre designer, covering both set and costume.
I started painting during the first lockdown in 2020, and it stuck.  I created a series of urban landscapes, inspired by the ugly-beautiful empty streets. I also discovered an unexpected love of street furniture and dustbins.  Having started with acrylic on canvas, I have now morphed towards oil on board, which I am really enjoying, especially the smell!
Venue: S - 280 Plumstead Common Road SE18 2RT


I have lived in Plumstead for over 20 years and enjoy going for a daily coffee and walks around the local area. On my walks I often capture random scenes with photography. These photographs are often of unusual things, reflections and nature captured in a moment of observation.

Venue: S - 280 Plumstead Common Road SE18 2RT


Mixed media artist

Rebecca has a background in Fine Art and illustration. Over the years she has worked in a variety of medias including painting, Mixed media, paper cut out, illustrations and textiles. Currently Rebecca’s art work is based around the theme of Colour and culture. Rebecca's colourful work celebrates the multicultural life in London through colour and patterns in a variety of mediums and crafts. (

Venue: S - 280 Plumstead Common Road SE18 2RT


Growing up without a TV and instead being surrounded by lots of paper, pens and paint instead gave me a passion for art from a very young age! Inspired by a trip to Mexico and a visit to a Georgia O'Keffee exhibition many years ago my acrylic paintings of flowers are large in scale and painted in bright vivid colours. Painting and creating images of natural beauty has helped me get through difficult times in the past and my flowers are symbolic of hope, beauty and strength. 
As well as original paintings, prints and greeting cards will also be available and I will be donating 10% of all sales to Rights of Women an amazing organisation. 
Venue: D - 7 Cantwell Road SE18 3LN


I’m a digital artist and work using a combination of the iPad and desktop painting software. I like to make art with a sense of fun and wonder. There's always a story there, but that story is open to interpretation. I'm inspired by memories of my own childhood and the nameless fears I think we all have when we are young. The combination of cute innocence and lurking darkness is one I have always found interesting creatively. All works are limited edition signed and numbered giclée prints on Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

Venue: T - 2 St. Merryn Close SE18 2RF


I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, but moved to London in 1995 to study Graphic Design at Central St. Martin’s. After working as a graphic designer for almost twenty years, I  decided to try out pottery. I will be showing a range of wood-fired ceramics with the Harlequin Gallery.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese and Korean ceramics, I mostly make wheel-thrown work that bears my individual mark as a maker.

Instagram: Lisa_sjukur_ceramic

Venue: L - 30 Old Mill Road SE18 1QE


Widely experienced artist and designer in the museum, educational and commercial sectors. Originally graduated as a three dimensional product designer and then qualified as a secondary school teacher in art and design. Spent many years professionally exploring a variety of art and design disciplines, namely exhibition, product , graphics, information design and architecture. Currently work as a illustrator, although I am now semi retired.

Most of my creative inspiration comes from a great love and interest in the natural world. My style is very detailed and objective because of the educational nature of many of my commissions. However, I can work more freely, so quite flexible and versatile. Natural history and architecture are my main subject interests.
Mobile: 07784 4822180

Venue: V - 46 Ennis Road SE18 2QT


After training as a painter and print maker at the Central School of Art in 1968, I went on to teach art for a few years in Peckham. Life’s pressures led me away from my painting, until recent events prompted me to start again. I become my wife Carole’s carer as she had developed dementia after recovering from a Brain tumour, her condition deteriorated, and she died in 2021. I started painting again during this period. It has been through these final few years that I produced the paintings, collages, lino prints, which will be on display. I am still exploring new ideas recently I have been working on lino prints then making them into collages which I then interpret as abstract paintings.

Venue: O - 25 The Slade SE18 2NB


A multi disciplinary artist working in ceramics and as a traditional chinese brush painter. Painting classic subjects on xuan rice paper such as bamboo and plum, as well as experimenting with more abstract composition. My ceramics are predominantly hand built vessels and wall plaques influenced by chinese subjects. I hand paint, carve out the clay and use oxides to achieve my designs. I am passionate about not wasting any clay and use my offcuts for tiny trinket dishes and now I'm making dumplings to delight the eye rather than the tastebuds!

Venue: R - 46 Timbercroft Lane SE18 2SE



Landscape paintings of Plumstead and beyond. Oil paintings, watercolours, prints and greeting cards.

Venue: K - 14 Speranza Street SE18 1NY


Born in 1997, Harpreet studied for her BA at the Slade School of Fine Art. She is British Indian; born and based in Plumstead. At its core, her practice is about engaging with aspects of spirituality. She is particularly focused on the interpretation of Divine feminine energy and how it exists in a modern society. Her work often explores escapism through alternate dimensions and realms.

Instagram: Harps11

Venue: H - 22 Constitution Rise SE18 3RW
Carole is a practicing artist and French Education Specialist. She has lived in SE London for over 25 years.
She studied stone masonry In France , Sign writing, Art and design and Textile and furniture design in the UK. She is very versatile. Her approach to art is free and her focus in on shape and colour in equal mesures. She also upcycles furniture and designs the interior of old fashioned camping vans . Her favourite mode of expression is abstract painting where she finds more freedom and best expresses intimate feelings that cannot be easily put into words.
Venue: D - 7 Cantwell Road SE18 3LN


My ideas are eclectic and quirky.  Combining found objects, wallpaper, linoleum and magazines, the outcomes are unpredictable but surprisingly rational.  Half of the process is not knowing how it’s working but the other half of the process is knowing exactly where it’s going. Work that one out!

I studied art at Brighton but was soon drawn back to my native south east London. I’m fourth generation Plumstead / Woolwich!  I also work as a freelance scenic artist in theatre film and tv.

Instagram: Stev0wilson

Venue: I - 72 Shrewsbury Lane SE18 3JL



Freelance Artist working in Illustration, Fine Art and Textiles