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Plumstead Open Studios 2024

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September

11am - 6pm both days

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This year we have a record 56 artists taking part over the first full weekend in September in 26 venues in Plumstead SE18


(Location details will be added nearer to the event)

1 Deborah Allan


Upcycling artist making jewellery
and homewares using material
that would have been destined for
landfill - bottle tops, tins, fabric
scraps etc, turning those materials
into something else, something
practical, something beautiful.
Please see my Instagram for more
information about my
work @re.creart

2 Lee Bamsey Ring-the-hill 2024


I’m an artist working in paint, print,
costume and performance. I have
a long-standing interest in folklore,
ritual practices and ancient sites.
I’ve also been involved with climate
activism, and I’m interested in the
way folklore practices can shift our
relationships with people, place
and planet through community-led
events. My recent paintings feature
hares. Witches are said to be able
to shapeshift into hares and they
feature in many a folk tale. This
painting “Ring-the-hill” takes its title
from a 13th century poem called
“The Names of the Hare” translated
by Seamus Heaney.

3 Amabel Barlow Waterlilies in the Moat at Eltham Palace. Greenwich. Oil on Canvas. Painted 27 12 2022


A local artist and author who enjoys
nature and the environment which
inspires her creativity to paint
her vibrant botanical landscapes.
Several of her paintings are inspired
by local historical places in and
around Greenwich. She works in
oils or watercolour to create her

4 Elizabeth Barron Hill Town


Some years after retiring from
teaching, I joined a class at
Blackheath Conservatoire entitled
“Painting for the Petrified”. Since
then, I have met and joined other
like-minded painters in drawing,
pastel work, watercolours, acrylics
and collage. My style is essentially
‘drawing and colouring in’ and is
unashamedly derivative. I enjoy
attempting pastiches of artists I like
and am only occasionally satisfied
with the results.

5 Kirsty Bennett Green Pots with Chickens


I’m often found potting in the
garden, it’s the best place to be
creative and messy. I have lived in
Plumstead for 24 years and began
pottery classes just after I moved
here. It was a hobby that fitted
in with the rest of my busy life as
Theatre Director, Singer, Actress,
Teacher, Mother of three boys and
Keeper of Chickens for many years.
I got a kiln three years ago, and
my throwing skills have definitely
improved since then - so much so
that as well as selling at local craft
fairs, I have found the courage to
start staging tiny workshops at my

6 Holly Burrows WillowTit1


A multimedia artist who creates
work in collage, print, drawn, digital
and 3D. She is an event producer
(co-directing the Illustrators’
Fair with Michael Czerwinski),
workshop facilitator and has
worked in museums and galleries
such as House of Illustration and
The Roald Dahl Museum and is
currently Commercial Manager at
The Cartoon Museum. She was also
commissioned to create a mural
for London Zoo which encouraged
her to use the creative arts to
help inspire a love of wildlife and
ecology in others helping to protect,
preserve and save our environment.

7 L A Colella


I am a gestural intuitive artist who
uses music at the core of my method.
The music I utilise whilst creating is
essential in my practice as a way of
bringing an emotional truth to the
My work begins chaotically but with
great desire and patience I soon
sculpt my subject into recognisable
form. Gesture and movement to the
rhythm and melody pour intense
energy into my mark making which
ultimately create a convincing
expression. Raw immediate emotion
from musical influence, constructed
by various means with my favourite
mediums being pastel, charcoal,
pencil and graphite.

8 Angie Cousins Roseisle Forest Undressed


One of the beauties of living in
Southeast London is its proximity
to the Kent countryside. My work
is chiefly in linocuts, where I enjoy
exploring the possibilities of this
medium. My work is often related
to the places I visit, I have shown
my work in Dungeness, Malvern,
Deptford (at APT and at the Art Hub)
and Linden Hall Studio Gallery in
Deal, as well as at home where I
have a studio.

Home | Angie Cousins Art

9 Tim Cousins Entrance to Hades III


For the last few years, I have
been engaged in making circular
paintings based on the built and
landscape environment. The
beginning of the series could be
seen in the Chestnut Rise windows
during Plumstravaganza’s show
during the lockdown. Parts of the
series have been in the last two
Royal Academy summer shows. The
paintings are unique in that they can
be hung in any orientation.

10 Fritz Duffy


I have been a practising artist since
leaving Goldsmith’s College in 1975.
I have lived in the locality since that
time. The work I am showing at the
Plumstead Open mainly depicts
the area around the River Thames
between Deptford and Woolwich.
This was a part of a four-year
project of “plein air” observation
which also included visits to both
the Malvern hills and Dungeness
which was organised by the artist
Tim Cousins.

11 Flora Fabris


I am a functional potter based on
Shooters Hill. Over the years, I’ve
developed a strong connection to
the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi,
which is based on acceptance of
transience and imperfection. My
preference goes to simple shapes
with an organic twist, natural
colours, muted tones and tactile
textures. I work mainly on the wheel
with stoneware clays fired in an
electric kiln, often incorporating
wood-ashes and wild clays into my

12 Jin Farrell


I am a printmaker, a member of the
Printmakers Council in London,
and have exhibited in the UK
and abroad. My love of nature,
and in particular mushrooms,
has been used as a symbolic
tool for expressing evocative
past childhood memories. I use
traditional and contemporary
printmaking methods. I have
an abstract style and strive to
share and communicate my deep
thoughts and feelings through my



Pattern colour and design have
been a lifelong obsession for me.
There seems to be nothing more
enjoyable than putting colours and
shapes on a large sheet of paper
or canvas and having the texture
answer back, demanding that the
colours and design be altered to fit.
Give me paper or canvas, paint or
soft pastels and let me explain how
I see.

14 Liz Francis


I work with acrylic on canvas, a
medium that I have been working
with since 2021 when I was
inspired to paint flowers that I had
encountered on lockdown walks.
This body of work shown at the
Lord Herbert is mainly inspired by
London’s parks and gardens and
Columbia Road Flower Market, East

15 Kevin Godby


Kevin started painting watercolours
in Andrew Riley’s workshops for
Art Plumstead. He mainly paints
landscapes and local scenes in a
bold, distinctive style.

16 Adam Goren monkey business detail


Detail from ‘monkey business’ -
oil and acrylic on canvas: part of
a series of paintings offering wry
commentary on territoriality and

17 Margaret Griffith


I love pattern and texture and use a
variety of different techniques to create
texture throughout my jewellery. My
contemporary jewellery, with simple
clean lines and a modern twist, is
hallmarked and will look great with
any outfit. The selection of Hammer
Textured Silver Jewellery was
handcrafted by me using traditional
hammer techniques to create the subtle
and delicate surfaces that you can
see. As far back as I can remember I
had a passion for making and creating.
I was interested in shape, texture and
colour and creating objects that were
individual and unique. Inspiration for
my jewellery comes from, nature, manmade
and organic materials and my
Fine Art sculptural background.

18 Liz Griffiths


Liz makes mixed media work,
multi-layered and finely detailed,
encompassing painting, drawing
and photography. She finds
inspiration while out walking, and
explores ideas around place, site,
nature and identity. Contrasting
delicacy and fragility with bolder
and cruder forms of mark making,
she uses glowing saturated colour
to depict dreamlike and mysterious

19 Enver Gursev Deal Sea


Enver’s artwork is multi-faceted
as is the media he chooses to
work with. The strongest theme
in his work is half-remembered
and assumed memory where
sentimentality is greatly
exaggerated causing a gentle
smouldering melancholy to enthuse
the work. There is also a great deal
of play on things not appearing to
be what they initially appear to be.
The closer one scrutinizes the work,
the more the certainty appears to
dissolve and fall away.

20 Rebecca Handley


Birds and animals, some
landscapes, painted in bold, bright
acrylics on canvas, somewhere
between Pop art and Fauvism
styles. I paint to bring a smile
and my paintings are small and
affordable, to brighten a dark corner
or a rainy day!

21 Harlequin Gallery


Since 1999 John Rastall has been
running the Harlequin Gallery, which
is one of the longest established
galleries in the UK specialising
in both British and Japanese
ceramics. The Gallery has always
shown a little art too and over the
Open Studios weekend it will be
offering a selection of recent and
collectable ceramics together with
some 20th century paintings and

22 Harper Bizarre Art


Sarah aka Harper Bizarre Art is a
multi-disciplinary artist. Her work has
been exhibited internationally and has
featured in a variety of publications.
She produces unique artwork,
sometimes naughty, sometimes
nice, sometimes both, and often
thought-provoking. Her work can be
an expression of everyday life with
a witty and quirky edge, and a hope
for justice and equality. Her artwork
includes ceramics, paintings, and
money art. Sarah is an advocate for
the positivity of Plumstead, and local
venues and themes also resonate
across her work. ‘She is sweary and
silly. I am sweary and silly - a match
made in heaven’ (Robbie Williams).

23 Katy Harrison Fearless Symmetry


I have a passion for animals and
have been creating pet and wildlife
art for over ten years. I use either
professional quality colour pencils
to create highly detailed, realistic
portraits, or make illustrative
portraits using paper cutting and
collage techniques. From beloved
pets to beautiful wildlife, I take pride
in capturing not just a likeness, but
also something of the character of
the subject.

24 Madeline Herbert


I make my ceramics in Thick as Milk ceramic studios in Woolwich Dockyard and will be bringing a selection of recent pieces up to my alottment shed where you can see them amongst the plants and vegetables that inspire the shapes of some of my work.
There will be painted plates, large candle holders and some smaller pieces including bud vases and eggcups.
25 Jillian Jones Fatherhood


I am a London based semi-retired
teacher creating mainly portraits
and still life. My preferred mediums
are oils and pastels. This is the third
time exhibiting at the Plumstead
Open Studios.

26 Sian Jones


Handcrafted earthenware ceramics.

27 Karta Kaur


A recent graduate of Central St
Martins and member of the Bethlem
Artists Collective. She mainly
works with clay or cardboard.
Passionately active in the field of
arts and wellbeing, advocating the
importance of creative collaborative
communities to keep curiosity
and happiness alive in humans.
She brings hand-built raku fired
figurative ceramics with emotive
undertones that invite the viewer to
reflect on the human condition. The
pieces can be used as flower vases
or ornaments.

28 Bożena Koj


A contemporary London-based
artist, known for her vibrant
paintings and colourful gemstone
jewellery. Drawing since childhood
and painting in oils since her teens,
Bożena’s artistic journey took a
new turn in 2012 with studies at
Morley College. There, she honed
her techniques and found a deeper
connection to art as a source of
tranquillity and self-expression.
Inspired by nature and imagination,
Bożena’s work bursts with life. She
is a self-proclaimed “woman of
colours,” and her paintings reflect
this joy in their bold hues and
captivating compositions.

29 Stuart Lee


Mixed media artist, currently working
from ‘SET studios’, Woolwich. My
creations are predominantly based
on self-preservation and social
commentary told through the lens
of symbolism and surrealism with
some abstract tendencies. I utilise a
wide variety of mediums to create my
work with ink and acrylic paint (and
spray) as my preference. My aim, and
the beauty of art for me is to explore
and experiment with no boundaries.
The misuse of my determination has
diverted me down some severely
distant roads but thankfully the strict
creative mindset I have adopted since
2018 has kept in a substantial supply
of ‘healthy medicine’ shall we say.

30 Pat Lumsdale


I’ve lived in Plumstead since 1972
so I think I’m a local 🙂
I’m a patchwork and quilting tutor, I
teach locally at Shrewsbury House,
by Zoom for the Learning Hub and
at workshops around the country as
well as demonstrating at major craft
I look forward to meeting some of
you in my front room!

31 Lisa McGilben


An emerging artist residing in
Plumstead. Her artistic journey
encompasses a diverse range of
mediums, including drawing, painting,
photography, and film.
At the core of her artistic exploration
is the revelation of the human
condition – a theme that delves into
both the power and vulnerability
inherent in our nature. Within
her drawings and paintings, the
prominence of the line becomes a
dynamic conduit, expressing
movement, expansion, contraction,
and perception. She delves into the
intricacies of how our perception of
ourselves and our experiences shape
our interpretation of others.

32 Peter MacMahon


Inspired by Art Nouveau, I use
various materials, resins ,glass
ceramic, plastic and metals very
often recycling old pieces.

33 Amba Malekin-Goneni


I studied ceramics at university and
have a particular interest in industrial
techniques perfected by Wedgwood.
I focus on tea and tableware,
anything that can be used on a daily
basis and brings people together. I
am currently studying for an MA in
Art and Politics, so I also like looking
at the political side of ceramics and
how it has historically been used for
different causes. I use a lathe to turn
plaster, and then make moulds from
the plaster models. I will be showing
my tea sets as well as newer
projects I’ve been working on as well
as explaining the processes I use to
create my work.

34 Michelle Maloney


I am a potter and illustrator based
in Lincolnshire being hosted by
my super sister for this fab event.
I work with red earthenware using
a combination of slabbing and
coiling to create handmade jolly
pottery. I am inspired by vintage
70s illustration and 70s Bowie with
a peck of oldie folklore for good
measure and love, love, love colour
and character and anything a little
bit kooky too!

35 Ray Marshall Circus comes to town

RAY MARSHALL (1947 - 2018)

Ray Marshall was born in Lambeth
and moved to Plumstead in 1975,
where he remained a local resident
until his death in 2018. Having
undertaken some formal study
at Morley College, tutored by
Lawrence Toynbee amongst others,
Ray was mostly self-taught. His
work covered an eclectic mix of
subjects, taking inspiration from
nature, architecture, historical
references, dance and music and
the world around him. This year his
daughter, Penny, will be showing
some original work as well as prints.

36 Mirham JacarandaDriveway 2 of 3


My printmaking practice is playfully
developed from journal keeping,
observational drawing and doodles:
the printmaking craft adds a layer of
surprise - the opportunity for seeing
your own work freshly because the
marks are reversed when paper is
pulled from lino or woodblock. I
often use reduction printmaking - a
technique of carving back into the
same plate to print the next layer.
I have been returning to visual
themes of trees/rootedness, and
often of hounds - a reflection of my
regular studio companion. You can
find more of my work, including
figurative painting on Instagram.

37 Chloe Mountain


I’m a ceramicist and industrial
designer. My work is an exploration
into human intervention within
industrial ceramic processes and
how its evidence can be used
within design to express the pieces’
handmade qualities.

38 Latoya Pierce


I am an amateur artist from Goa,
India, but I have lived in London
for the last 12 years. Moving to
Plumstead reignited my passion
for painting after 15 years. My art
is inspired by Goa’s vibrant colours
and flavours, blending emotions
and creativity. I use mixed media,
including pastels, crayons, acrylics,
alcohol ink, pencils, and pens, to
create unique, abstract pieces with
systematic, flowing lines and vibrant

39 Esther Pilcher


I am a jewellery designer who is
originally from Cornwall and so a lot
of my work has themes of the sea
and nature.
I love colour and so work in vitreous
enamels mostly but also like the
many subtle tones that copper
reveals when heated so this is
another of my favourite mediums.
All of my work is original.

40 Maggie Rastall


Maggie has spent many years
exploring different ways of using
textiles and loves trying something
new. The richness, texture and
versatility of them provides her
with ongoing pleasure. This
year she has produced several
portraits repurposing old pieces
of embroidery picked up in charity
shops and gifted by friends:
breathing a new life and purpose
to these now unwanted pieces of
largely women’s work. Wall art,
cards and smaller textile items will
be available.

41 Andrew Riley


For Andrew’s second open studios
he will be offering cards, also
mounted and framed paintings.
Mostly atmospheric, serene
landscapes using watercolour,
acrylic and pastels. Andrew
regularly runs watercolour
workshops at Plumstead
Community Market.

42 Peter Roper weather forecast


I am very much an amateur with
a leaning towards graphics. Lots
of people have said to me, I wish
I could draw or paint the sea.. or
trees and plants and people too
just something nice….perhaps a
view.. but they can of course if they
really wanted, they did as a child
and were not thwarted…. so take
up the pen and paint brush too and
have a go, it’s good for you!...It’s not
too late, it wasn’t for me. It’s never
too late to paint the sea.

43 Sarah Schmidt collage


Each artistic creation is a repository
for emotions that thus journey
from artist to viewer or user.
When art inhabits a practical
form, it augments the interaction
between user and artist. I create
to communicate. To offer another
reality or process life’s events.
There is a narrative in re-purposing
for instance. Depending on the
conjecture of situation and emotion,
different materials are used. I
like to re-invent techniques in an
experimental way. This keeps me
engaged with the journey. I will be
showing work in clay, paintings,
drawings, and collages.

44 Dora Schweitzer


I am a freelance theatre designer,
currently designing a comic-murdermystery-
musical for two actors.
Sparked by lockdown in 2020, I
began my urban landscapes series,
inspired by the ugly-beautiful empty
streets. I discovered an unexpected
love of street furniture and dustbins
and am continuing with this work
which is very satisfying.
I am now returning to a project
from over 20 years ago, painting
my slightly disaster-ridden semi
apocalyptic dreamscapes.

45 Rebecca Sharples


Mixed media artist. Rebecca has
a background in Fine Art and
illustration. Over the years she
has worked in a variety of medias
including painting, mixed media,
paper cut out, illustrations and
textiles. Currently Rebecca’s
artwork is based around the theme
of Colour and culture. Rebecca’s
colourful work celebrates the
multicultural life in London through
colour and patterns in a variety of
Venue: mediums and crafts.

46 Yaz Sharples


For a number of years living in Hong
Kong I was inspired by the detail,
texture and contrast of its unique
architecture and was inspired to
create a series of miniature collages
depicting these. Since returning
I have continued this technique
creating a number of commissions
of houses. During the open studios
event this year I will be showcasing
for the first time a number of my
collages of local landmarks as well
as my collection of brightly vividly
coloured acrylic large paintings of
flowers. As well as original paintings,
prints and greeting cards will also be
available and I will be donating 10%
of all sales to Rights of Women, an
amazing organisation.

47 Kara Simpson


Kara is a digital artist whose work
documents a deeply personal
journey. Combining personal and
pop culture nostalgia to explore
thoughts, dreams, and memories.
The unapologetically playful style
gives these dark thoughts a soft
space to sit and breathe, allowing
for the possibility of reinvention
whilst also challenging the notion
that childhood is a time of unfettered

48 Marie Sleigh


Home Life, Where Do You
Think You Live? A photographic
documentation project, using
environmental portraiture to capture
the residents who live on the Jesus
Hospital Estate, a Victorian estate
in East London on the edge of the
City of London. Showing it as it
is now - its interiors, objects and
most importantly, its people. The
project outcome is to create a future
archive of the estate.

49 Zara Taylor


I stumbled into ceramics after
an art class was cancelled and I
transferred to ‘pottery’ instead.
That was more than 20 years ago,
and I was immediately hooked. I
am also a traditional Chinese brush
painter which influences much
of my ceramics, to create unique
wall pieces, vases and dishes with
Chinese motifs. Prawns and crabs
may excite me but not all, so more
recently I have been applying glazes
in layers to produce ‘landscape’ and
‘seascape’ functional pieces.

50 Rob Thom


I love painting and sketching
around Plumstead and prefer
working on location rather than
being in a studio. You’ll often find me
in the corner of a pub sketching an
open mic night, or painting on the
common and down by the ponds.
I always end up having nice chats
with inquisitive passers-by; next
time you see me out and about,
come and say hello! I’m currently
completing a sketch every day of
2024, which I’ll be turning into a
book. You can see some of my diary
entries, including lots of Plumstead,
on Instagram at @robgthom.

51 Harpreet Uppal


Born in 1997, Harpreet studied for
her BA at the Slade School of Fine
Art. She is British Indian; born in
Plumstead. At its core, her practice
is about engaging with aspects
of spirituality. She is particularly
focused on the interpretation of
Divine feminine energy and how it
exists in a modern society. Her work
often explores escapism through
alternate dimensions and realms.

52 Fiona Veacock


My hand built ceramic homewares
are inspired by London living, our
historic locale & the sharing of
food with friends & family. Designs
celebrate the handwork, letting the
making show itself. I enjoy using
inlays, incised drawings, stamps &
mono-print, often overlaying glazes
with decals from my drawings.

53 Jack Walker


My work is figurative paintings of
common sense of the growing up
in the local area. The figures are
often with abstract undertones
while still trying to keep the
recognisable connection to keep
the viewer engaged. I tend to deal
with the themes of class and class
representation in the art world.

54 Steve Wilson


I originally studied fine art at
Brighton, where I did a lot of film
and installation work. I then worked
in tv, film and theatre as a designer
and scenic artist.
My artwork is mainly mixed media
2D and 3D pieces, which I collage
together using original print
sources, found objects, and laser
cut elements. Sometimes I am
inspired by current events and the
state of the world, other times it is
just a visual manifestation of my
internal monologue…

55 Helen Young


Helen makes unique affordable
statement jewellery inspired by
our Solar System including Lunar
& Solar eclipses, Moon & Mars
landings, planets and their moons,
planetary alignments, the wonder of
the 4 rocky planets & 4 gas giants
and last but not least the Sun orrery
necklace! Each piece is created
with carefully chosen gemstone
beads and sterling silver from
planet Earth.

56 Jane Young


Freelance Artist. Oil and watercolour
paintings. Illustrations of Plumstead
from an odd perspective. Textiles.