27th August to 9th September

Plumstead Open Studios

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018 - 11am until 5pm both days

Below are details of the artists, who took part in Plumstead Open Studios in 2017 and have indicated that they will be taking part again this year. Other artists will be joining them and that could include you!

If you might be interested in taking part in 2018 please email John Rastall, the Open Studios organiser, at

 Please note: You do not necessarily have to make your art in Plumstead but just have premises within Plumstead to show your work over the weekend.

Dungeness Boat 2017 - linocut
Dungeness Boat 2017 - linocut



I worked in primary education in Greenwich for forty years with a responsibility for art. When I retired I decided to develop my own practise in lino printing, something I had always enjoyed teaching.

Venue G

Wood X 2017 - acrylic ink on paper
Wood X 2017 - acrylic ink on paper




I have recently organised a visit by fifteen artists to Dungeness. I use my home as a place to produce works on paper- often linked to various projects across the country. At the same time I continue to produce paintings at my studio, APT in Deptford.

Venue G 




Artist working in printmaking and fine art. Drawing upon
the built environment and natural landscape to create prints and one off pieces. Will be exhibiting canvases, slate sculpture and printed textiles along with a range of prints inspired by the view across London from our Plumstead studio.

Venue D 

Colin Fifield Dungeness
Boats on the Beach, Dungeness - oil on canvas board


Colin is a painter and potter living on Shooters Hill. His paintings are mainly of the coastal landscapes of the South Coast. The areas of Hastings, Deal and Dungeness are very inspiring. Paintings are in oils, acrylics and watercolour.
He also makes a lot of pottery, which is mainly wheel thrown domestic ware, and teaches ceramics at a local adult education college.

Venue C 

Sarah Harper


Working under the name of Harper Bizarre Art, Sarah Harper produces a variety of contemporary arts and crafts in mixed medium.  With a particular interest in mosaic pieces for the home and garden, she produces bespoke artwork that includes not only glass and ceramics but also recycled jewellery and many other items.  Sarah's work also includes hand-decorated crafts, sometimes with a social message or controversial edge.


Venue M 


Madeline Herbert



Madeline has worked as a Theatre Designer for many years and has recently taken up ceramics. She will be showing some of her quirky character egg cups and personalised hand painted cat bowls and plates.

Venue C 

Ballet Eucalyptus
Ballet Eucalyptus


Having undertaken some formal study at Morley College, where Lawrence Toynbee had a great influence, Ray is mostly self-taught. His work covers an eclectic mix of subjects, taking inspiration from nature, architecture, historical references, dance and music. He has exhibited in numerous mixed exhibitions and produced commissioned work for patrons both locally as well as in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Venue L 

Esther Pilcher




My jewellery is a mix of copper and enamels which channel my love of colour and the translucence that only glass techniques can bring. Some of my work is inspired by my native Cornwall but it all has a naive quality that gives it that handmade feel.

Venue M 

Maggie Rastall



Maggie Rastall uses textiles to create pictures and cards. These include a variety of techniques such as printing, dyeing, machine and hand embroidery, applique and felting. She also makes felted vessels that will be available.

Venue M 

Fabiola Retamozo


is a South American artist living in Plumstead  for almost 11 years. She graduated in 2008 from the Interior Design Institute in London as well graduating from Fine Art at The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in 2015.
Her practice explores line and space and her works are akin to poetry with the aim to created atypical works.
As an artist Fabiola has been running workshops in the community in different children's centres, community centres and schools.

Venue I

Sarah Schmidt


A summer at home has given me the opportunity to travel with paint in the world of colours and emotions. I have been enjoying an artist's residency in Art Fix Woolwich where I've produced some warm and colourful pieces to add to my previous sketches and drawings. There I was holidaying with the many of the things I love. I am painting flowers, local woodlands, local animals, being emotional, sensual and domestic.  The response was great. Here is a picture of a sensual memory and morning glory... I hope to see you all again for another round of Plumstead Open Studios.

Venue A 


Wayne Shepperd

Wayne has only been producing artwork for the past 7 months. Although he had made precious metal jewellery and worked in copper and brass at college, this is his first artistic venture since then and the first time he has worked in 2D.
Wayne was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma back in December 2016 and also suffers from a degenerative yet un-diagnosed neurological condition that is under investigation.
Wayne finds that the drawing helps to distract him from his health issues. He has no formal art training and as such his work is free-form and unrestricted. Because his neurological condition has robbed him of his short term memory and some cognitive functions, he is often not aware of what he is producing until it is complete.

Venue F 


Glass V - oil on linen
Glass V - oil on linen

I position my work near the edge of still life painting, where it approaches abstraction. I am interested in dissolving our familiarity with everyday objects. Currently, I am working with the idea that repeated motifs not only allow for a deeper investigation of the objects themselves but also a freedom in their depiction. My work often depicts emotive gestures and actions. Objects take the place of the loved, the abandoned, the closely held.

Venue J 

Jane Young




Artist and illustrator inspired by the history of everyday architecture and London’s rivers and waterways. Exhibiting prints, paintings and engravings mapping the metropolis and the changing city.


Venue D 


Plumstead Open Studio venues 2017
Plumstead Open Studio venues 2017