26th August to 8th September

Plumstead Open Studios


Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018

11am until 5pm both days


Below are details of all of the artists taking part in this year's Open Studios and the location where you will be able to see their work.

However before the Open Studios proper we will be holding an evening event in the bar at Shrewsbury House from 7pm on Friday 31st August. This will be an informal introduction to the Open Studio weekend where you can meet some of the artists involved and be entertained too. For more details click HERE.

If you would like to help advertise the event then you can download and print a poster by clicking on the following link. Poster

Marzena w




Art is everything for me: a passion, a job, a therapy, a trip to awareness. Medieval illuminations, ancient myths and rites, Jungian psychoanalysis, it all inspires me the most in my work. I try to get deeper through them, under the skin of these symbols and tales, to find all hidden wounds and dark places. Because as Rumi said, "The wound is the place, where light enters you".


Rob Collins w




The Art of Falling Apart

Painted over a six week period of my life and then no more.






Angie Cousins w





I worked in primary education in Greenwich for forty years with a responsibility for art. When I retired I decided to develop my own practice in lino printing, something I had always enjoyed teaching.


Tim Cousins w



I use my home as a place to produce works on paper- often linked to various projects across the country and, recently, trips abroad. At the same time I continue to produce paintings at my studio, APT in Deptford.


ND w



Artist working in printmaking and fine art. Drawing upon
the built environment and natural landscape to create prints and one off pieces. Will be exhibiting canvases, slate sculpture and printed textiles along with a range of prints inspired by the view across London from our Plumstead studio.



I am a maker of early and old time banjos. I aim to carry out most of the processes myself which includes steam bending the wooden rims and fabricating all the brass hardware – I use a small local foundry for cast bronze parts. All my timber is either U.K. grown or reclaimed. I have commissions from all over the U.K. as well as Europe and America.

After a hiatus of about 20 years and during recovery from a recent dog bite injury to my hand, I have started to paint again. Wild atmospheric landscapes both rural and urban in oils. They reflect my longing to get out into the wilds as well as my fascination with my immediate location.



Fritz Duffy Greenwich View w




Although I work in many different styles and media, lately I have been making paintings inspired by the landscape.

I have visited The Malvern Hills and Dungeness and also the locality around Greenwich Park. The pieces are done in oil paint, in monochrome on rigid handmade paper.


KODAK Digital Still Camera


Colin is a painter and potter living on Shooters Hill. His paintings are mainly of the coastal landscapes of the South Coast. The areas of Hastings, Deal and Dungeness are very inspiring. Paintings are in oils, acrylics and watercolour.
He also makes a lot of pottery, which is mainly wheel thrown domestic ware, and teaches ceramics at a local adult education college.

SH - mosaic w


Working under the name of Harper Bizarre Art, Sarah Harper produces a variety of contemporary arts and crafts in mixed medium.  With a particular interest in mosaic pieces for the home and garden, she produces bespoke artwork that includes not only glass and ceramics but also recycled jewellery and many other items.  Sarah's work also includes hand-decorated crafts, sometimes with a social message or controversial edge.



KH w



Keith was a founding member of post-punk band Pre Dog in 1988, Saint Keith and The Big Picture in 1997
and The 4 O'Clock Planes in 2001 and continues to follow his interests in art and music.
A graduate of Camberwell School of Arts and Goldsmiths College, Keith has worked with mixed media, installation, painting and drawing.
He is currently working on a series of pastel portraits, paintings, drawings and photo-montage.

Albert Herbert w


(1925 -2008)

During his lifetime Albert was a painter, etcher and teacher. He was a Principle Lecturer at St. Martin's School of Art for many years and had numerous solo and group exhibitions in London and elsewhere. He was described by sometime art critic Sister Wendy Beckett, in her 1993 book, The Gaze of Love, as probably the greatest of contemporary religious artists.

In his obituary in the Guardian newspaper he was described as, "A visionary artist, he found a path from abstraction to religious imagery via etching."

During the Open Studios, his daughter, Madeline, will be showing some of her father's work alongside her own ceramics (see below).


Madeline Herbert w



Madeline has worked as a Theatre Designer for many years and has recently taken up ceramics. She will be showing some of her quirky character eggcups and hand painted plates and bowls.




Frank's artwork ranges from imaginary coastlines, flowers & trees to abstract movements of colour. Already an established singer, writer & director, painting adds another opportunity for Frank to express his emotions and engage with his audience.

Twitter: frank_loman
YouTube: frankFL1969

RM Blackwall Rainbow w


Having undertaken some formal study at Morley College, where Lawrence Toynbee had a great influence, Ray is mostly self-taught. His work covers an eclectic mix of subjects, taking inspiration from nature, architecture, historical references, dance and music. He has exhibited in numerous mixed exhibitions and produced commissioned work for patrons both locally as well as in the United States, Canada and Australia.

MNaji w






Hand painted ceramics.





Esther jewellery trim w


My jewellery is a mix of copper and enamels which channel my love of colour and the translucence that only glass techniques can bring. Some of my work is inspired by my native Cornwall but it all has a naive quality that gives it that handmade feel.

MR w



Maggie uses textiles to create pictures and cards. These include a variety of techniques such as printing, dyeing, machine and hand embroidery, applique and felting. She also makes felted vessels and animals.

Fabiola lanterns w


is a South American artist living in Plumstead  for almost 11 years. She graduated in 2008 from the Interior Design Institute in London as well graduating from Fine Art at The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in 2015.
Her practice explores line and space and her works are akin to poetry with the aim to created atypical works.
As an artist Fabiola has been running workshops in the community in different children's centres, community centres and schools.

La robe w




This year Sarah will not only be showing her paintings but also photography and ceramics.


Laura Smith w



I position my work near the edge of still life painting, where it approaches abstraction. I am interested in dissolving our familiarity with everyday objects. Currently, I am working with the idea that repeated motifs not only allow for a deeper investigation of the objects themselves but also a freedom in their depiction. My work often depicts emotive gestures and actions. Objects take the place of the loved, the abandoned, the closely held.

RobertThom w



Exhibiting landscapes including views of Plumstead and Woolwich, Robert is a painter working mostly in watercolour.







Zara will be exhibiting traditional Chinese painting, hand painted ceramics, ceramic jewellery and other hand built ceramics.



Warwick Aw


After a few years working in other creative media, Warwick, (a Plumstead based artist) looked for a way back into printmaking. Given life’s constraints in terms of available work space, Warwick started with a simple idea using hand made wood block printing to divide a square into a 3 by 3 grid, and then worked through the different percentages by which the grid could be divided to create and explore patterns. With a large selection of printing blocks to choose from, Warwick has a dynamic and organic printing process whereby each print is produced quickly. This allows the parameters of the next print to be edited and changed rapidly. By controlling how much ink is used on each block through the use of over-inking and under-inking, Warwick is not seeking to create the perfect print but an interesting print. Warwick says that the imperfections of the individual prints are where his interest lies.

The prints can be seen as individual pieces but when they are displayed as a collection there is an impression of movement and struggle between the smaller squares and the large square as the smaller squares take control from the larger square.



Jane Young w




Artist and illustrator inspired by the history of everyday architecture and London’s rivers and waterways. Exhibiting prints, paintings and engravings mapping the metropolis and the changing city.