26th August to 8th September

Plumstead Poet Laureate 2019

Plumstravaganza is looking for someone to be crowned “Plumstead Poet Laureate 2019” in this competition that is now in its fourth year, so why not take part? Although initially all entries will be assessed and short-listed by a panel, the final judging will be done by the general public at The Old Mill public house on Tuesday 27th August.
The poem can be happy, sad, reflective, amusing or anything in between on the theme of “A Memory of the year gone by” with a title of your choice. This can be about an international, national or local event
It must be your original work, in English, previously unpublished and, although there will not be a limit on the number of words, anything deemed too long by the judges is unlikely to be short-listed.

Other Entry Rules: -

(i) The competition will open for entries on Monday 15th July and close at midnight on Friday 16th August 2019. Any entries received after that time will not be accepted.
(ii) Submissions must be made by email to
(iii) Confirmation of your entry being received will be made to you by email.
(iv) Format: The name, address and contact details must be supplied with every entry but on a separate sheet to the poem.
The poem must be type written. The reason for not including information about yourself on the same sheet as the poem is to ensure anonymity during the short-listing process.
(v) Up to 3 poems can be entered by any individual but they must be submitted on separate documents as outlined in (iv).
(vi) Entries cannot be returned after the competition.
The Judging Process:
Short-listing will take place in the week commencing Monday 19th August. The judges will select what they consider to be the 12 best poems.
The poets of the short-listed entries will be informed by e-mail on or before Saturday 24th August. They will go through to the Finals Night to take place in The Old Mill, 1 Old Mill Road, Plumstead SE18 1QG on Tuesday 27th August from 8pm.

The Finals Night: -

On Finals Night, the poems can be read by the poet but this is not compulsory. Actors, who will also be the short-listing judges, have been engaged to do the readings where necessary and no indication will be given on the night to indicate whether the reader is the author or not. If you wish to read your own poem then you should contact us when you know your poem has been short-listed.
Before the Finals Night the short-listed poems will be split into 3 groups of 4 for what will be the semi-final stage.
On the night, the first group of 4 poems will be read and the audience in the pub will be given the opportunity to vote by ballot as to which they think is the best poem in that section. The winning poem will go through to the Grand Final.
This process will be repeated twice more so that there will be 3 poems in total chosen for the Grand Final.

The Grand Final will follow the same format and voting process so that it is the public’s choice as to which poem is the winning entry.

If present, the poet will be crowned Plumstead Poet Laureate 2019 by last year’s winner, Caroline Burnett.

NB There is no monetary prize associated with the competition.



Caroline Burnett's Winning Poem 2018:

The Metaphysical Zoo

Going to the zoo today with two of my old mates, must hurry up it shuts at four they may just shut the gates.
The afternoon’s receding now and it’s getting slightly dark, didn't notice the time at all as we walked around the park.
Suddenly it seems very quiet, where did the people go, looks like we've been locked in and walking far too slow.
It seems that we are on our own the animals all in bed, until we round the corner and come upon a shed.
It looks like there’s a light on, we slowly walk that way when we see a monkey carrying a tray.
I can't believe my eyes nor can the other two, the monkey carrying the tray says “come in and take a pew.
Right at the back slumped in their chairs the lions are playing cards; the cheetahs aren't allowed to play so the tigers act as guards.
The tigers are all sergeants, they borrowed the zebras stripes, sitting in the corner are monkeys smoking pipes.
Three giraffes swing hoopla hoops around their necks so slender as the elephants approach the apes who are on a massive bender.
The elephants spray water on several of the apes who by now are very drunk and are swinging from the drapes.
It all seems so noisy now but whatever is that sound, it must be my alarm clock and I slowly come around.
I must get up wash and dress as I’m going to the zoo. It's going to be a lovely day my mates are coming too.

Plumstead Poet Laureate 2018, Caroline Barnett, crowned by the Badge Queen of Plumstead.
Plumstead Poet Laureate 2018, Caroline Barnett, crowned by the Badge Queen of Plumstead.